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 NaganianOnline Rules:

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PostSubject: NaganianOnline Rules:   Thu Dec 27, 2007 8:41 am

NaganiansOnline Forum Rules - READ BEFORE POSTING!

1. Posts should be composed in such a manner that respects persons of all races, religions, cultures, and sexualities. No post may contain personal attacks, as they have no proper place in discussions. The purpose of this forum is to facilitate growth, not to belittle others. This rule also applies to Private Messages.

2. The posting of obscene content is prohibited. No user may refer other users to outside content of an obscene nature. No pornographic content may be inserted in to any post. The use of harsh language (swearing, cussing, and cursing) is prohibited. Persistent violations will result in a ban.

3. When posting or creating new topics, make sure that they are in the correct forum. Off topic posts are not allowed but not strictly prohibited. Should you have an urge to write an Off-topic post, precede it with an "OT:". Senseless and irrelevant posts are discouraged. If you don't have anything to say, don't post anything at all. This refers to "No Comment" type of posts. Smiley posts are discouraged and will be deleted on site. Max of 3 smiley's with post. only 3 successive OT's are allowed.

4. Make sure that the topic you are about to start have not been discussed already. Please use the search feature first. Any redundant topics will be locked or deleted on sight.

5. Posting topics that promote or engage any illegal activity is strictly prohibited. The illegal sharing of copyrighted material is prohibited. Persistent violations will result in a ban.

6. No user may advertise any product or service on this message board outside of the "Buy / Sell / Trade / Classifieds" forum. Negotiations to be done thru PM or email.

7. Do not post SPAM. SPAM includes unsolicited advertisements, flooding of the boards, inappropriate or illegal content, and cross-posting of topics. Persistent violations will result in a ban.

8. Don't use needless or excessive usage of Line-breaks, ALL-CAPS, nested quotes "quoting of quotes" (max is 3), GIANT fonts, swearing or derogatory terms.

9. Topic Titles and Images within topics should be directly related to the subject being discussed or intended to be discussed. Images sizes should be 500 on the longest side.

10. Promotion of your website (personal or business) is strictly limited to the "Websites & Multimedia" forum and to Naganian's Citizens only. Anything outside that forum will be deleted on sight.

11. Make sure that your avatar does not violate any of the Rules and Regulations of this message board. Persistent violations will result in a ban.

12. Signatures should be limited to a reasonable size, should not contain excessive animations, does not contain advertising, should not have a URL to other sites other than those within the Common Grounds Network, and should not violate any of the Rules and Regulations of this message board.

13. Bumping of topics without any valid or justifiable reason is strictly prohibited.

14. Ensure that your username does not violate Rules #1 & #2.

15. Do not argue with the enforcement of these Rules and Regulations. If you are requested to comply, comply. Persistent violations will result in a ban.

These rules are subject to change without prior notice.

Enjoy your stay here! If you have any problems within the forums or if there are any abusive users, please feel free to PM the moderators.

Thank You,
NaganiansOnline Team
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NaganianOnline Rules:
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